About us

This whole store is the brainchild of me, John Nicholson (yes the one that writes for F365 and has written all those books) and my missus Dawn Rossiter, famous as the creator of www.DJTees.com and as an artist and jewellery designer. Dawn did all the heavy lifting in terms of making the website and creating all the designs, I just sat around drinking gin, coming up with ideas for designs and passing that off as creativity.

Distress DawnBetween us we created most of the designs here but we also commissioned the rest from some talented freaks. After 20 years in the rock t-shirt business, we wanted to make a football t-shirt store that wasn't full of the usual tribal stuff. We wanted to create designs that would appeal to people who loved the history, the art and the culture of football. We wanted it to be positive and celebratory because there's too much negativity in the world and especially in football. 

So that's what we hope we've done. 

Johnny Nic
Distress Dawn